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About my work

Art has always been a part of my life. My mother was an art teacher; we often spent our summers at an old cabin on the shore where she would sit outside and paint all day. I loved to draw, but didn’t begin painting until I was in my 50s.

One day my daughter unearthed an old portfolio of my drawings, and asked me why I wasn’t doing art anymore. I realized that three decades had gone by since I had done any serious art, and immediately enrolled in an introductory painting class.


There I became acquainted with acrylics for the first time and joined a local group of artists. It was like rediscovering myself - a part that had been lost for decades. Total joy and a lot of frustration; I was moving at warp speed, trying to make up for the lost years. Gradually I found a balance and decided what I wanted to say on canvas. I painted the everyday things around me which I found beautiful, both in my garden and kitchen. I had always been fascinated by the human face, and discovered that the delicate medium of coloured pencils was the perfect way to explore portraiture, with all its textures and layers of colour.

It is never too late to do something you love;
I have been blessed to discover that.

Lindsay’s acrylic captured a timeless moment of my red-headed son enraptured by two neighbourhood cats. The scene is an enhanced rendition of a burst of purrs he enjoyed every day on his way home from school.  The colours and textures that Lindsay created present boyhood with cats. Her skill with hair and fur is exceptional. The painting is so joyous that one even hears purrs in the distance.

Lindsay is an actual artist.  She does not specialize in imitating what others paint, but instead, allows her personal and artistic “sight” to influence what she creates.  Thus, she paints beyond reproductions of “reality”, yet her work brings reality to new life. 

I love Lindsay's pencil drawing of children. Somehow she actually captures and shares that special something unique to each one of them. It fascinates me. I was honoured to have Lindsay paint my daughter and nephew as they sat together on the lawn as children. She has caught the magic of that long ago moment in such a way that it never fails to transport me back to that day & the beauty of children at play.

Sabrina Fox

Doug Blackley, MFA.  Bmus.

Laurel Lawson

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